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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is "Screen Printing?" Screens in 'screen' printing are wooden or aluminum frames which have a fabric mesh stretched taut across them and secured. The screen is then coated with a photo sensitive polymer which, when dried, has a film positive of the artwork to be printed placed on it and exposed to light and then developed. The "screen" is then secured in place and the material to be printed placed beneath it. The screen is then lowered and the ink which has been placed on the screen is spread across the screen with a squeegee. The force of the squeegee pushing the ink through the spaces between the threads of the screen fabric transfers the ink to the material being printed to give you your "screen printed" t-shirt, poster or one of thousands of other items which can be printed.

What does the "Screen Charge" cover? When an order is placed two things must happen before an item can be printed. First the design has to be created on a "film positive" or "transparency." Secondly, a screen has to be created with the design "burned" (exposed) into it. Both of these processes can take considerable time and requires materials. Because the time and screen materials vary from job to job we have to recoup those costs. The screen charge is a one time charge (per design) so when you reorder in six months, a year or five years from now there will not be an additional screen charge UNLESS you have changed the design in any way. Changing even one letter, the print size or anything at all will require new screens. Changing ink colors may or may not require additional or different screens depending upon the color of the inks required. We'll be happy to discuss this in detail when you place your order.

Is there a minimum order? The short answer is NO. The long answer might interest you though. You can order as few as one shirt however purchasing that one shirt and having it printed is quite expensive. Not only are you purchasing the shirt but you will also have a screen charge(s) on top of that. So a single 100% cotton adult T with just one color ink on it and printed only on the back will cost $6.15 plus a $15.00 screen charge for a total of $21.15 plus tax. If you purchase a dozen shirts with that same design on it your cost is still $6.15 per shirt plus the $15.00 screen charge but you can distribute that screen charge out to each shirt so that your cost for each shirt is now $7.40 plus tax as opposed to the $21.15 cost of just purchasing one shirt



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